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 Colors of India #2 - Lena Caves at Nasik

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The Lena Caves are situated halfway up one of the precipitous conical hills overlooking the Bombay-Agra road, approximately 10km south of Nasik. It comprises a small group of 24 rock-cut caves dating from the first century BC. The site is renowned for its well-preserved inscriptions in the ancient Pali language and it's fine ancient stone sculpture.

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99040052.jpg: signboard detailing information about the caves (the text is readable in the larger image); 99040056.jpg: a view of the exterior of one of the caves; 9904046.jpg: a carving outside cave #10, the object in front is a vessel with a red colored cloth tied around it; 99040002.jpg: elaborate carvings adorn the pillars outside a cave; 99040044, 99040047, 99040050, 99040051, 99040053, 99040054 and 99040055: intricate wall carvings depicting the Buddha delivering his sermons; 99040057.jpg: the chaitya inside the prayer hall.

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Copyright Neville Bulsara, 1999. All rights reserved.

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