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Neville Bulsara's Links to other Photography Pages

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The Kodak Guide to Taking Great Pictures: You'll find tips here on a wide variety of subjects ranging from Composition to Exposure. A real nice site to begin exploring the world of photography.


The Zone System in Brief: An introduction to Ansel Adams' Zone System. If you really want to expose correctly rather than leave things to your camera and luck, you have to know what the zone system is all about.

The Zone System in Color Transperancy Photography: A great place to visit to understand the applications of Ansel Adams' Zone System with transperancy film.

Calibrating your light meter: Just what it says. On how to calibrate your light meter to get the exposure you really want.

Nature and Wildlife Photography nature forum: Tips on a wide variety of nature photography subjects, discussion forums and more.

Brian Riebesell's NaturExposed Photography: A great site with some great images.

Bob Atkins Photography - Nature and Wildlife: A real great site with tons of tips and lots of lovely pictures.

Region specific

Australian Photography: A comprehensive Australian photographic portfolio by Trevor Phillips covering a range of original subject material inlcuding wild and remote Australian landscapes, animal portraits, Australian native and exotic flora as well as architectural compositions.